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Testing Livewriter

Am beginning to see a trend where applications, even those that are competing share the same information.  This short blog is being written in the new Windows Live Writer and ostensiblVoran1y will automatically post this to my Blogspot.com page and Windows Live Spaces.

I’m wondering how long it will be before this interaction translates into the healthcare electronic records?  Right now there are a number of Personal Health Records enabling individuals to enter and have access to their health data from anywhere.  The problem with most of these is that the data their doctor enters in their offices doesn’t automatically flow into their PHRs.  There are some organizations, like Cleveland Clinic, who have formed relationships with Google Health and Microsoft’s HealthVault  but most of us don’t go to Cleveland Clinic. We need to figure out how all EMRs being used in physician’s offices can be configured to automatically exchange data with each of the patients’ PHRs.

Recently gave a presentation about the importance of social media in health care.  We’re a ways away from social media tools being integrated into EMRs but blogging, twitter, Facebook and other social media tools are laying the groundwork for the interoperability that we’re all wanting.

Playing around with what’s available and waiting for the plug-in that will allow me as an individual physician using a integrated EMR from Cerner along with other 100+ physicians and a hospital to concentrate on what I’m doing and seamlessly update my patients’ PHRs.